Episode 15: How Pilates Can Improve Your Riding

Special guest Julie Lanocha of Centaur Pilates talks to us about the value of incorporating Pilates in our fitness routine to improve balance, coordination, and self-carriage. (Thanks go to the artists Thorn and Shout for the composition of “Trouble” which we used as our musical background.) 

Episode 14: Working Through a Slump

In this episode Lyn talks about what a slump is, the unseen progress we make during a slump, the importance of mental discipline and flexibility, and the opportunity slumps give us to learn something different.  (Thanks go to Derek Clegg and his composition of “Selfish” for the musical background.)

Episode 13: Training Perspectives on Older vs. Younger Riders

Lyn has had a lot of experience teaching both older and younger riders.  Here she talks about important differences between these groups and some of the advantages of being an older rider.  (Thanks to Fascinating Earthbound Objects for “Moonsun” which provides the background music.)

Episode 12: Training Session

In this Episode Lyn talks about the importance of planning your riding session with your horse.  She includes factors that can modify that plan including listening skills such as “What’s the horse’s mood? What is my mood? And what’s the weather like? Then she walks us through one of her 45 minute training sessions.  (Our thanks go to Quimorucru for their musical piece “Le chasseur” which we used as our background music.)

Episode 11: Ego

Today we talk about how our egos can get in the way of advancing the partnership with our horses. Lyn emphasizes the importance of remaining humble, i.e. being open to the possibilities but also understand that we don’t need to have all the answers.  (Thanks to Fascinating Earthbound Objects for “Elevator” which we used as our background music.)

Episode 9: Consistency

Consistency is a lot more than doing the same thing every day at the same time.  Lyn talks about the importance of consistency in small details when we work with our horses and uses the example of giving your horse an aid to walk off as an exercise in consistency.  (Thanks to the artist Quimorucru for “Le chasseur” which we used for our musical background.)

Episode 5: Choosing the Right Instructor for You

In this episode Lyn discusses several important things to look for in choosing the right instructor including considerations of safety and do they fit your personality. (Thanks to the band Krestovsky and their composition of “Litterbug” for the musical background.)