“We are proud to have Lyn Ringrose-Moe as a member of the Cowboy Dressage World Partnership. Her knowledge and ability is an asset to our growth and vision.”
~ Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy
Cowboy Dressage


“Lyn has amazing teaching ability as well as knowledge of training, and coaching of riders of all levels. What I have learned from Lyn has increased my own knowledge as a fellow trainer, instructor, and clinician. Because Lyn provides such clear instruction, I always walk away knowing I have learned so much in my lessons/clinics. ”
~ Joan McLaren
Webb Ranch, Menlo Park, CA


“My journey with Lyn began nine years ago when I brought my traumatized 11-yr. old Tennessee Walker to her for lessons.  With patience and wise horsemanship, she worked with Thunder on the ground and under saddle and helped transform him to the reliable and confident horse that he is today as a mount for novice riders.

After that Lyn used her vast toolbox of horse skills to continue the training of Leo, my Quarter Horse, and Vinnie, my Morgan.  All three of these horses were very different in training background and temperament. The remarkable thing about Lyn in working with these three horses is her versatility and keen observational skills that enabled her to effectively assess each horse’s abilities and “holes” in their training.

The breadth of Lyn’s horsemanship skills is particularly evident when the subject of a planned lesson is completely turned around by a new ‘problem’ that presents itself that day, whether it be polite behavior at the mounting block, desensitization to scary objects (hoses, plastic, tractors) that appear that day, or a ‘back-to-basics’ approach to solve a new problem.

In other words, every interaction with the horse and rider becomes an opportunity to learn.  And every lesson, whether in the round pen, on the trail, or in the arena reinforces her philosophy that the welfare of the horse is foremost and that effective communication, based on light but clear aids from the rider, builds a willing partnership with the horse.

In summary, the confidence and skills I have developed as a rider and horse owner are largely due to my experience of working with Lyn over the years.”
~ Pam Peterson
Hendrickx Farm, Davis, CA


“Lyn has brought a new level of excellence to my horsemanship, and a new level of fun and friendship.  She is an amazing problem solver, able to quickly assess the horse and rider partnership and come up with a solution to any problem.  Lyn is clear and logical and consistent, and I have seen horses make incredible progress in a short 45 minute session with Lyn.  I’m proud and blessed to call Lyn my trainer and friend.”
~ Sarah Dickinson
Winters, CA